Elementary Science Olympiad 2016

Elementary Science Olympiad
                                                         Team 1                                  Team 2
9:00  Describe it/Build it           Scarlett/Emma   3rd               Tony/Johnny   2nd
         Experimental Design        David/ Dylan   1st                   Evalei/August  3rd
         Ramp-n-Roll                    Lucien/ Pierson  2nd               Kaden/Lilly 3rd

10:20  321 Blastoff                   Lucien/Dylan 3rd                   Kaden/ Johnny
           Don’t Bug Me                Scarlett/David   2nd               Tony/Lilly
           Gunk Challenge             Pierson/Emma  2nd                Evalei/ August 3rd

11:40  Anatomy                        Scarlett/Dylan 1st                   Tony/Johnny 3rd
           Pasta Challenge              Emma/ Pierson  3rd               August/Kaden  2nd
           Which Way is North        David/Lucien 1st                    Lilly/Evalei  

Gold in 3 Events
Silver in 5 Events
Bronze in 7 Events

No kid came home without at least one medal, and they earned them!  I am so proud.   They were also excellent models of our Catholic values and our school's Student Learning Expectations!

Pasta Challenge third place winners: Emma and Pierson


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